Tuesday, February 16, 2021

"Sweet love"

Oh my sweet love!

I celebrated romance and pinks and blues and florals to create this page for the More than words challenge for February.

I used my very favourite colour medium; Tim Holtz Distress Oxides (mixed with water and smooshed and splattered on the page).

A next favourite part of the page was creating the flowers. I stamped these Vicki Boutin flowers and die cut them out. Then I painted them with more Tim Holtz distress oxides.

So great to celebrate my one and my only this month.



Sunday, February 7, 2021

Scrapbook space 2021

 Hi everyone!

Things have changed around here in the past 12 months.....

Sadly, I had to give up my scrapbook space to make a bedroom for my youngest daughter. She had been sharing with her sister and the time had come for them to have their own spaces.

Here you can still see my old scrapbook space.....

So I moved all my stuff to the back corner of our back room. It is a big open space with the dining room, the kitchen and couch and some shelves. With some creative furniture positioning, I created an alcove - a great corner where I can escape to and scrap!.

And you know what else? I have had fun moving and reorganising things. And I even I reckon I have a bit more room and definitely have found new organisation solutions! 

Remember my number one tip: Sort things by colour! You'll see plenty examples of this as you read on.

And lastly, I have been scrapbooking for over 18 years, so my stash and my storage has grown and accumulated over a long period of time. Some of the shelves, containers and drawers that I have to store things, may no longer be available. If I know where you might find it, then I have said in the post.

Here it is! ENJOY!

Behind these shelves, I have set up my space.

We created a room division with these shelves.

And sectioned off the area with some drawers.

Here is my desk. It is up against the shelves. It goes goes over the second sliding door we have to the outdoor patio. We never used this door anyway!

You can see the sliding door here. I have stuck some arty pieces on the door with command strips.

Behind me is this white cupboard and some more shelves.

As you can see, with the window behind and the door to my left, I have a huge amount of natural light in this space.

I have a white wire folder holder (Kmart) on open of the cupboard. I just stash finished pages here until I get a chance to put them away into an album or box.

This 8 cube shelf behind me has some miscellaneous stuff, like my tools (geli plate, stamping platform, etc) and tissue papers, and cricut joy rolls and equipment. There is also room in this shelf just in case I get more stuff. Could happen!

The main thing contained in my white cupboard behind me is my papers. I have these 12x12 paper drawers. All my papers are colour sorted.

On top of the cupboard, I have my die cut machine, and some magazines.

I have this shelf  behind me as well- it is the messiest.. It has boxes of old photos and memorabilia, and my chipboard. On top, in the baskets, I store my punches.

The tall white cupboard in the corner is the kids stationary cupboard.

Now let's explore my desk. Most used things are all close at hand.
My desk is long and wide. I have drawers on either side underneath and a mix of shelves and containers on top.

I have one of these photo boxes (Spotlight) that I put at my feet.

On the left of my desk are my embellishment boxes. Each plastic box contains one or two colours of small embellishments - buttons, flowers, flairs, etc.

An example of inside my embellishment box - yellow and brown. (you can get these from Kmart)

and turquoise....

Also is these plastic drawers hold my washi tape and Charms Creations. (drawers bought from Officeworks many years ago)

On top of the drawers is a single cube (Ikea), with white basket with word stickers, and on top is my art journal and a clear plastic container (Kmart) with tags.

I put a few photos on the back of the shelf.

Next on my desk are these mini cube shelves. I bought these mini cubes from Bunnings Warehouse a long time ago. I have two shelves stacked on top of each other. I fastened and secured the shelves together with a sheet of board from Bunnings  (simply nailed it to the back).

The containers and baskets on the shelves are mainly from Kmart.

Some cube spaces hold small clear containers from Kmart. White wire pots from Ikea.

These white baskets hold things I use often. Like enamel dots. I cut my sheets of enamel dots into strips and colour sort each colour into snap lock bags. Cos... colour sorting!

These low flat clear containers (from local cheap store) fit embossing powder pots perfectly and stack well.

My paint jar to keep brushes clean and glue and water spray bottle, sit on this black square tray in front of the shelf. Paint cup comes with a warning! Ha ha ha!

Kmart clear containers with lids hold my paints on the cube shelf.

Then to the right of my desk, is a white drawer unit with a clear turntable on top (both Kmart).

My favourite sprays are in the clear turnable.

And my Distress Oxide pads are in the drawers. I have only just started buying these, so this works for now, but might not when I have more!

Oh! You can also see the wooden file holder box on the left of my desk. I keep this on my desk for two things... 1. My favourite white and black cardstocks are in there and 2. I dump scraps of paper to help me keep my desk tidy.

Under my desk... I have these Ikea drawers.

In the left side lower drawers... 

The top drawer holds my stencils. I have sorted stencils by size. I have different zippered mesh pouches that I got from Amazon.

I also have alphabet stickers....


And more thickers....

In the right lower drawers,

I have 12x12 sticker sheets and a box of wood veneer pieces.

And different packs of die cuts - kept in snap lock bags.

The third drawer has my really small brads and eyelets and sequins. All colour sorted!

And the bottom drawer holds ribbon and twine. I have colour sorted them and just store in snap lock bags. Looks messy BUT so easy to find what you need.

I also keep a box of scrap pieces of paper at my feet. Perhaps I should throw these, but instead I save them! Scraps are also colour sorted.

To the left of my desk...

I have a 8 cube shelf, a smaller old 3 tire shelf and my Ikea trolley that I can roll easily to access things as needed.

On top of the 8 cube shelf, is the rainbow mini drawer set (Spotlight). Holds lots of little bits and pieces. - I can't even fill it! lol.

I also have another rainbow drawer (on top of the right shelf). It holds miscellaneoues stuff - spare inks, doilies, etc.

In each cube I have more mixed media, and other bits and pieces. The white stackable baskets and clear box and containers, and wood trays, are all from Kmart.

I keep my Colour Blast products in this open divided box. Keeping the colours sorted.

This old 3 tier shelf has 3 white baskets. They contain dies, chipboard and 6x6 papers.
On the ground is another wood file box (Kmart), which holds scrapbook kits and work in progress pages.

In front of this, I wheel in my trolley. On top I have a variety of trays and cups to hold things: tools, paintbrushes, scissors, glues, pens etc. etc.

The bottom two shelves have backstock (spare mixed media and adhesives)

To the right of my desk is this set of 3 drawers. It divides the space from the rest of the room too.

The top drawer has stickers.

The second drawer has stamps.

The bottom drawer has mini sets and these colour packs. Each mesh pack has different colours  - they hold die cuts, tags, doilies - a real mix of flat embellishments.

I really do love my space. I have been finding it really easy to keep it clean. And I am finding time this year to sit and create often! Lucky me.

Thanks to anyone who had stopped by to see my space!