Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back from holidays

Hi there,

Back from holidays today and happy to report that during my resort break away with husband and three kids, I still managed to complete 2 double layouts and 4 singles.  My trick? I packed page kits - with papers and embellishments needed to complete the pages quickly and easily.  For those that know me, they would know I usually take every bag I own to a crop... SO for me to take just one bag, my tool tote, plus my inks, ribbons/threads and a box of mixed embellishments - this was somewhat of an amzing feat for me.  And it worked so well! I'll post pics soon.

In the meantime, here are some DOUBLE layouts, Showing off my love and need to do double photos! Just too many photos to stick to singles all the time... Enjoy!

Dear Jessie - This one was for the Sketch I created for our bi-annual Create-a-weekend at Scrapbooks ETC.

Family shots

With my great friend Moira


Old one of Jessie, who is now 3!



Bec said...

Hi Amanda!
I've popped on over from SLS.
Love your layouts.
Especially the Friendship one and Beautiful Face?? the one underneath the Friendship one.
Gorgeous work!!

Amahart said...

Thanks BEC!