Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hello OUT There!!!!

Hi all,

Phew! What a month... finally getting back into some kind of routine, plus internet back on... so hopefully can start blogging again.  I have heaps of photos and layouts and goodies to post.

Since we last spoke, my awesome trip to LA has been and gone.  8 days in LA was amazing.  4 days of shopping and sightseeing, plus the CHA conference for 4 days.

The shopping was fun! I shopped way more than I would usually... maybe it was something about not having any children swinging off my legs or opening the curtains on the changerooms whilst trying things on.  So I may have had sore feet and sore back and spent WAY too much money... but it was such fun! Sightseeing - we did the obligatory stops in LA... rodeo drive, santa monica, hollywood, universal, lots of shopping malls, the sunset strip...  And the food - even though after a while got a bit much- I still enjoyed eating out, when and where I wanted - again something about no children makes it relaxing...!!! iHOP was the best - best burger, best pancakes... yum...

NOW CHA!!! I'm sure I embarassed Susan with my childish squeals of delight and my enthusiasm... but man it was eye-popping good!  Such an amazing chance to see all the new stuff and amazing layouts and displays using the products.  Glitz, My minds eye and prima were my favourites.  There is a lotta love in the industry and it was such a great vibe to get out there meeting all the companies and talking scrap nonsense for 4 days straight! Susan and I ran the last 2 days, picking new stock and product lines for Scrapbooks ETC. So I cannot wait till it all arrives in the next couple of weeks... And can I mention the THICKERS wall... I was in heaven.  Just wait till you see all the photos I got with famous people...
!!!!TIM HOLTZ!!!



Now since my return I have MOVED house... slightly stressful, but just had SO much help from family and friends that we were pretty organised!  It's been just over 2 weeks since the move and still have some boxes to unpack, but nothing that can't wait!  The girls are loving the pool.  My work is going well (I work from home still). So no complaints!

So the busy part of the year done... I now hope to sit back and enjoy the NEW changes that are coming my way... I am aiming for an easy, no stress more running around saving the day, a more laid back approach, taking plenty of time to enjoy all the wonderful things around me,,,...

Talk soon!

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Irini said...

envy envy envy!!! LOL
Sounds like you had a fabulous time and the shopping must have been fabulous and cheap!!
Glad the move was smooth and things are falling into place...