Thursday, May 12, 2011

Scrapping with Moira

Here are some of the layouts I created when I went out to Warwick and spent the weekend with the wonderful Moira and her husband Matthew.  It was an awesome weekend - just so quiet and peaceful and so easy to sit in Moira's lovely scrap space and create and chat.  What more could you want? Well.... we also got to watch the masterchef opening night together which was just hiliarious.


Yum... my minds eye (actually I think i did this the week before-no matter)

Lots of photos used!

Yay! Old pink paislee with Nice new crate paper.

Yes... heaven....

Awwww. wee cousins!

Old photos have to be scrapped - simple layout, but done!

Yay - did the cardboard swiped paint background!

Painted edges with new smooch inks! This is of my top facebook status' 2010 - sad but true!

Love crate paper - plus that My Minds eye orange is the BEST!

ooo - more smooch used on letters and rainbow.

That will do! Thanks! Amanda

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Moira Coates said...

Yep, 'twas a delightful weekend, and definitely got me inspired to create - I've done several more pages since then, including completely doing one page in the few hours after your departure! It's on my blog now. Note to self, must make sure we return to our rooms for MasterChef when we go to Toowoomba for the retreat! Not even scrapping can come between us and our merciless critiques of MasterChef!!