Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A-Z advent calendar

Hi all,
So I couldn't quite decide how to make my A-Z advent calendar for our December competition at RES.  But I made a start and suddenly 2 projects evolved.  My favourite bit is that BOTH projects are fun and functional - things that I know I will use long after the competition has finished!

So I started putting mixed up chipboard alphas leftover from all those old sets  (I know you have some...)onto a sheet of chipboard

I painted each letter BLACK, I made sure that black paint went around the letters, so I could see the outline of the letter on the back piece of cardboard.

Then I misted and sprayed with the letters still in place....

Now I have TWO things... a cool alphabet board AND a-z letters...

I decided to use the awesome Alphabet board as my Advent calendar.... I will decorate each letter with a word, flower, bling, something little as I achieve each letter challenge.... I've done A and F currently!


Well, I made A-Z cards.... (so easy)

I stuck the Auslan Fingerspelling alphabet onto the backs of the cards...

I then presented in a cute box (the box was a perfume box from a gift i received for my birthday on the weekend - how lucky!)

COOL, huh? i love it when i make something useful!

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