Sunday, December 18, 2011

SO PROUD of this canvas I made

OK... so this was a whole new experience for me... I created a canvas for the wonderful Montessori Kindy 2 of my girls have gone to over the past few years.  Jessie finished up with them this week, as she moves to a Pre-prep program at the kindy at the girls' school.

So to say thanks I made this.... it was a scary at first, but look at how lovely it turned out!

I used acrylic and water paints for the background, the green grass is tissue paper. Patterned paper and letter stickers and words. Flowers, leaves...
Yellow Lollipop from Charms Creations  for the sun, plus a cloud.
Pink Kite and clouds from a Lil something.
I did a layer of mod podge over it all to hold all the flat bits down too.

Thanks for LOOKing! Leave me a comment so I know you've been by!



Anonymous said...

this is gorgeous Amanda - as usual you have excelled! I'm sure the girls and the Kindy will really love it! well done - you are such an amazing woman, mother, friend and are just so inspiring. You make the rest of us cringe! we are so proud of you x x Toni

Helen Kinsela said...

WOW this is truly stunning, you've rocked it girl, love it!!! It's a gift they will treasure for a very long time.

Amanda Toyer said...

Just beautiful Amanda! I'm sure the kinder will love it and hang it with pride!

mandysea said...

absolutely stunning!
What a wonderful piece of artwork
Have a very magical and creative twenty12, may all your dreams and wishes come true for the new year