Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Masters entries 2014

Hi everyone,

Decided that I would share my entries for the Scrapbooking Memories Masters competition from 2014. This was the 2nd year that I have entered, and I ended up leaving it to the last minute to get it done and pulled a few late nights! Anyway, I was really super happy with my entries.

And I was excited to get my mag yesterday, and see that I had received an Honourable Mention for my "Travelling for Work" page. Yay! Just happy to be amongst such awesome talent.

Task 1 - Requirement: 5X7 photo with eye contact. 

I do love this page... it still uses all the patterned papers that I love, but also incorporates some of the new mixed media backgrounds which I have used more in 2014.

Task 2 - Use a non-traditional scrapbook item on the page

I used a doily placemat as a mask, and milk bottle lids as stampers for the circles. I also used the trusty white mesh plasterers tape.

Task 3 - Journalling as a feature


I had a fair bit of journaling, so I ended up hiding some under a flap that opened easily on the page. I printed it all on vellum, which, let me tell you, took FOREVER to stick down!!!! This was the page I got an Honourable Mention for, and is currently published in the January magazine.

Task 4 - Art Journal

As I left things to the last minute, I didn't end up being able to find an Art Journal at my local shops - my solution - I made my own journal - with cardboard cover and patterned paper pages. Although different, I was really happy with how it turned out. Since I got the book back in November, I have tried to "journal" a few pages. Definitely need to work on this! LOL!

Thanks for looking today.



ros said...

Fabulous entry Amanda. They're all so beautiful. Congrats on the Honorable Mention

Sue Plumb said...

Gorgeous work - all of them! You have done an amazing job, and although you didn't make the masters list, your honourable mention is a fabulous achievement and you also have these beautiful creations to show for your hard work! Well done! X