Sunday, March 6, 2011

My turn

Hello people,

Can I just shout out to some amazing people????.... and actually they probably know who they are...

I am surrounded by kind and inspirational people and I feel lucky that I can share their journeys.  It makes me proud to know I was there and could share the love.  I feel even better that their words and life can help me as I move forward this year. Anyway i decided it was my turn to share.
(PCS taken from Boardmaker, by Mayer-Johnson)

I've already lived my one little word this year... My word being NEW... I had a NEW experience going to LA and CHA, I moved into a NEW house, bought some NEW stuff from Ikea for that NEW house, swam in a NEW pool each hot afternoon (definitely NEW for us!), started work in my NEW therapy room. Despite all this NEW around me.... I haven't changed it all around yet... (any big surprises there?).. Some of the SAME shit is still going on... oh man!

For example, I still am feeling disorganised and stressed most days.  The noise in my head as I banter with what I want, and how to get it, is constant. I still feel worried about Dave and that makes me cranky and snappy at him - and if I give up being the person who saves him all the time, he'll still need me right? And I still move around in each day wondering when life will be simpler and easier.

There is always good news in this.  I am aware.  I know I can change it.  I can create whatever life I desire my believing in myself and in my family. I have a lot to incredibly grateful for. I am blessed in many many ways. I am inspired by people around me.  I am not afraid to make the changes. My husband is right beside me, ready and willing to move forward together - this time sharing the reins like never before.

I can definitely feel some scrapbooking coming on to help me define and visualise my feelings and I will share back here later.

Thanks for listening,


Sweetchili said...


love you

Sweetchili said...

love you

Helen said...

I take it the move was part of making your life simpler?

It staggered me at the end of last year when I read the article that said 90% of the SP workforce is under 40. In the mentoring/supervision work I am doing at present, in a lot of what I do I try to make sure that doesn't happen!