Sunday, April 24, 2011

First time for EVERYTHING!

Hi everyone!

I am currently enjoying the Easter holidays and today I tackled a big job - layouts into albums - that's a blog post all on its own!

Anyway - I did something I promised myself I would never do - I pulled apart an old layout and re-did it! And not just any layout - MY FIRST EVER LAYOUT (created at a CM party). As I moved layouts around and into new albums I saw my earliest work and yes, oval and circle photos feature predominantly! Only on a title page, did I add some flowers and a new title - every thing else I managed to leave! As bad as that early work is, it shows my evolution and just how far I have come. Other than this layout....

SOOOOOO....... as embarrassing as it is - here  is that first ever layout..... before I attacked it this afternoon....

Glorious I know - check out the calligraphy pen title and cool stickers...

While, I pulled all the photos of easily enough, turned some of those ovals back into rectangles. I kept all the journalling and tried to embrace the ovals.  Here is the fix up job>>>>

So much better I reckon!

Now that's it - those layouts are in the final destination now - I will not pull apart and redo anymore old layouts, I promise - I need to focus on all my future projects!

Thanks for stopping by!


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