Monday, April 25, 2011

Showing off my new ALBUMS!

So come on - check this out!

Yesterday I put a few boxes of layouts I had, into albums! yay!

I have the wonderful Expedit book shelf from Ikea and this is where I keep my albums, plus the kids book library is down the bottom (for now - one day no doubt, the albums will take over!).  This shelf is also a room divider - my office and scrap space are behind it!

But before they made it into here, I had to sort all the pages, by month and year, or by child....

Layouts everywhere!

Piles for each girl!


2010 - ran outta albums before these went in - they are back in boxes!

And here it is.... this is magnificent! So proud of myself!

I use We R memory Keepers Linen albums. Blue are family albums for each year and then each child has her own colour.  Just starting Silverstone for all the BC (before children) layouts and Hazelnut for all the special events/trips/holidays.

Good night!


Sweetchili said...

wow!!!! what a job!! looks awesome!

Helen Kinsela said...

Oh wow, that not only looks good but is just so super organised. I have grand plans to do the same, but not nearly enough albums and I'm not going to start such a big job until I'm ready to spend the time it needs. Perhaps you can come and do mine 'eh LOL.

Emily Turkalj said...

You are seriously impressive!!! Great job, love the colour coding!