Sunday, February 5, 2012


FINALLY getting around to sharing these pages!!!!

Every year I struggle for nice and meaningful gifts for the grandparents (we have 4 sets)...

So at the end of last year I created an 8.5X11 page - one for each month of the year.  I tried to keep relevant photos - so MAY had a photo of Abby cos it's her birthday that month. 

I then took photos of each layout and used SNAPFISH to make a calendar- got 4 calendars printed and that's what each set of grandparents got.  Far easier than make minialbums, individual calendars, etc. etc (which i've done before).

Here's the 12 months....


The formula was pretty simple - white cardstock, paper scraps, letters, flowers and other embellishments. I did all 12 layouts in one night (3 hours).

Now I put the layouts into the album and I plan to JOURNAL a summary of events for that month for 2011, so that the pages have an additional purpose.

I'm so happy with how it turned out and I'll definitely do this again this year!

Thanks for looking.


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Helen Kinsela said...

OMG! How fabulous, I love all the pages, stunning but simple. You sure are a speedy scrapper, I waste so much time deciding LOL.
This would make a great class project at RES do you think???