Saturday, January 1, 2011

One little word.... for 2011

Thank you to the amazing Ali edwards for the concept of "One Little Word" - the idea of choosing one word to guide and define and lead you in the year ahead. Check her blog to read more.

Dave and I have both chosen words this year.  We will be journalling (not sure in what form yet) each month and checking our progress through discussions on date night.

My word is NEW.

I want this year to be a NEW start.  The beginning of an amazing cycle filled with balance and happiness and prosperity.  My approach to achieve new is two fold....
1. Obviously moving into a NEW house in February is an important step for us.  This NEW experience and NEW space, not to mention, NEW financial position is going to change so much for us.  I am going to embrace the NEW-ness of the situation and put all my heart and soul into making this NEW change one that leads us forward into a NEW positive cycle.
2. Start NEW patterns of thinking... let NEW and positive light shine on old relationships that I have let hurt me.  Seek and find NEW challenges and relationships that push me to be a better person.  Put away old patterns that sabotaged my progress and emotional growth.  Focus on NEW creations that make my heart sing. Find NEW ways to support and love my family.
(Oh!? can I add a few extra, maybe selfish NEW things, just for fun? -a little but more NEW stuff in my scrap stash and NEW stuff from a visit to IKEA- c'mon it's been 12 months since my last visit to IKEA)

I am so excited about my NEW year.

Now Dave's word is temperance -  you might have to look it up and I can't talk for him as to why he chose this word and what it means for him... all i know is that I am so proud for choosing a word and being the man that he is and wanting to change that part of his emotions that challenges him.  So here's to Dave and to him finding the moderation and balance in his emotions that he desires... Love him.

So that's it - onwards and upwards with 2011...

Leave me a message if you are here reading, just so I know you are out there.



Helen said...

I'll follow, Amanda. It might make me scrap more regularly. DH gave me digital scrapping software for Christmas so that I can catch up on 2010...I'm so behind on my old photos though. And I love reading blogs of people who I actually KNOW!

Sweetchili said...

Lovely idea!

Moira said...

You know I'm reading hun! Great word :-)

Sweetchili said...

I have decided my word is better. And I am thinking of making my first craft project for the year buying the letters in craft wood. And creating a wall hanging to remind me.

'better' :)

Amahart said...

Thanks for commenting girls! And R'ee - great word and great idea about wall hanging. I have not decided on how I will visually represent my word yet... But will keep you posted!!!!!