Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog AWOL!

Ok so it is only a few weeks into having a blog and LOL! I've gone AWOL! Well real life has taken over and I am now busy get everything done before I go to LA.... OMG! Yes I just wrote that right, I am going to LA, like in America! Ha! I can't believe that is now so close - in fact only 9 sleeps away. For those scrappers out there, they will understand, but I am going for CHA with my friend Susan from Scrapbooks ETC where I am on the design team.  4 days conference checking out all the scrap stuff plus a few days either side for shopping and... I don't care what else I see, I'm just so excited to be going!

Before I go to LA, I will be posting some layouts and stuff I've been working on.

On a serious note, the floods here in my home town of Brisbane, have been devastating.  We are far enough away from the river to not have been affected at all, but my heart goes out to all those who are. It is incredible that just 20 minutes away from me there are people that have lost everything! I think the effects of the flood will be felt for a long time to come.

So... more from me soon!


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Irini said...

Amanda...lucky you!
I am so jealous!! LOL
I owe you an email!!!!!!will get to it but am organising a crop at the moment and it is taking up all my computer time......
have a fabulous time!