Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some of my favourite layouts done 2010

2010 was a busy scrapbooking year... Yes i still have piles of layouts waiting to go into albums... (a job for next month after our move).

I decided to put together some of my favourites for the year... I hope you enjoy....

Lovely new puppy

me and bits and pieces

check out Jessie's double chins!


Sweet Jessie

Love these colours

Abby - happy and yes crazy!

My man.....

Thanks for stopping by...


PS> Have you tidied up your desk and stash yet this year???? Ready to make a NEW start on your projects... watch this space....


Irini said...

Amanda, thank you for your kind comment!!
I love the layout about you 'me and bits and pieces'
the putting layout into albums is a pain no matter what the layout are squashed not good!!!

Irini said...

me again I would love to answer your question about my art journal email me so i can email you back
would love to hear from you!

As for SLS hope to do something today!