Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 1-2-3 challenge

I am just having SO much fun with these blog challenges right now!

Here is my latest entry for the blog at 123challenge
We had to use the colour PURPLE, the word BEAUTIFUL and punches.

Purple is not my favourite colour, but I found enough bits in my stash to come up with this of my mum...

Thanks for stopping by....


Sweetchili said...

Lovely! I can see so much of a likeness of you in this photo!

So do you use a sewing machine to do the stitches on your pages?

Must give that a go!!


Me said...

Yup, my Grans old sewing machine... I do use it for sewing others things- curtains, library bags and yesterday the 3 girls and I made little pillows (pretty dodgy ones) but it was fun!

Sweetchili said...

yay!! I love sewing so will definitely have to give that a go!